Monday, 20 September 2010

It's all go!

Gosh what a couple of days I have had!!!!
Yesterday Evan and I went to a dance comp and had a fab day. Sadly Evan didnt do as well as last time but since coming home he has had a bad tummy bug so I don't think he was himself on the day!!!
I, however had the best day ever!!!!!
I was very lucky to come FIRST in the Jive competition, I cant believe it!!! Only my 2nd ever competition!!!!!!!
I also came 3rd in Waltz, 3rd in Latin pairs (dancing Cha cha cha) and 4th in Latin 5 Dance (yes we danced 5 dances on the trot!!)
So a wonderful day in all!!!!
Today I have got my camera out to upload photos and something is wrong with the USB and it will not recognize it and its driving me mad!!!!!!
Love technology but only when it goes right!!!!!
Will keep trying!!!
My catalogues have arrived so if you ordered one then watch your letterbox!! If you would like one please use the Paypal button above or on my sidebar!!!

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