Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Hot off the Press!

Are you ready for some hot news????
It has just been announced that with effect from 1st October the Stampin Up colours will be having a Renovation!! How exciting!!
There will now be 40 colours in total which are shown below! The good news is some of them are the "In Colours" that have been unavailable to us in the past and now we get to have them!
Now with these changes comes some sadness that some of the existing colours will be going!! However you still have 6 months to stock up on your favourites so dont fear!!!

If you would like to order any products dont hesitate to contact me!
Jules x


  1. Oh darn it, just when I'd almost completed the full set. Now I've got to start again!!

  2. Oooh yummy new colours -- and I am sure you will be so sad to see the retirement of yoyo yellow!!

  3. Oh sad to se the pinks going...but am loving the new ones
    Sure you will you survive without HH? lol

    Fancy Taken with Teal going :(