Friday, 2 April 2010

Easter Egg competition

Happy Good Friday to you!
I had a much needed lie in this morning, was great and I feel much better for it! Robin went and did the supermarket shop too so I have been very relaxed today!!!!
Last week Evan entered the hard boiled decorated egg competition at school. They dont usually do this at school so it was very eggciting for him!!!!!!! The children had a week to bring their eggs in and we were all geared up to do 2 eggs and call them Jeggward!!!!!!!!!! We were going to make an X Factor stage and everything but then Evan saw that someone had already done it at school so he was adament he wasnt going to do it!!

SO seeing as one of our all time favourite films is Monsters Inc we decided to do Mike Wazowski!!!

Or MIKE WEGGSOWSKI as we called him!!!

And here he is !!! I used Stampin Up Green Galore to do the legs, arms and horns!! Hope you like him! Sorry no card today but thought you might like to see this!!!!! Evan was very pleased with our efforts but he didnt win!!!
Back tomorrow!
Jules x


  1. how could he not win? He's fabulous! MI is one of our fav films too and I have to admit to going to the film premiere as the company I worked for at the time sponsored the film! I have a fab photo of me and Sully! Might share it sometime


  2. Hi Julie,
    But why didn't he win he is brill!!!
    so life like love his metal chair x
    Suzie qx