Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Monaco is here at last!!!

Well as you read this I will be on my way to Monaco for the first ever European Incentive trip!!!!! I am very excited but also got butterflies in my tummy!!!!! I have said it many times but it is thanks to my wonderful team and to my fantastic customers that I am making this trip!!
I found out I earned this trip last June, so have waited for a year to go and now its here, it all feels a but strange.

I wanted to make a tiny little gift for the others attending on the trip and I have re-designed a box that I make a lot and I have made it very very tiny!!!! Its only 4 cm square and fits a Lindor ball chocolate in perfectly!!
The photo isnt very good but here they all are together, well a few of them, I have made 25!!!

I used the Tiny Tags set to punch out the labels and tied them on with Silver thread. Here they all are, I hope they survive in my case!

I did have a bit of help from my lovely Evan, he was very keen to help but disappointed when I told him there were no spare chocolates left!!

Bless him, working hard!

I have got a couple of posts scheduled in so please keep coming back and dont forget my Special offer for June
Jules xx

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  1. Fabulous boxes, isn't your son good at helping out! Have a lovely time on Monaco, you lucky thing!