Wednesday, 10 February 2010

My first ever stamped card and Beatlemania!

Ooops late posting today!!!!
My Mum brought me an envelope full off my old stuff from when I first started doing the musicals, all old programmes etc and some things from school!! They are moving house in a few weeks so are having a bit of a clearout!
I found this in one of the envelopes and I think it is my first ever stamped creation! Looks like it could have been the old potato stamping!!!! I think this card is 30 years old!!!
How fab that my Mum still had it! Could have possibly done with a Stamp a ma jig to get it straight!
The thing that most impressed me was the neatness of my writing to say I was probably 5 or 6 when I wrote this! Look at those impressive finger spaces and neatness!!
We had a good laugh at card class last night. Unfortunately I was "home alone" as Robin was late back and had no one to supervise the boys whilst I ran my class! They spent most of the evening like the photo below!!! On the Beatles rockband. We kept getting a little burst of a song whilst we made our cards!!! I wouldnt mind but I had already got the little ones pyjamas on before the class started and the monkey got changed!!

Bye for now!

Jules x

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