Sunday, 14 December 2008

My Jack in the Box!!!

On Thursday and Friday my little boy appeared in his annual school production. This Year it was The Toymakers Workshop and Evan was a Jack in the Box. He was desperate to play that part so was really chuffed when he got picked!!!!
It was very cute although he struggled getting in and out of his box a few times as it was very high!!!
Here he is in his dungarees, how cute!!! I was a very proud Mummy, he sang his heart out!!!

My eldest son was also in his Year groups production of Scrooge, I did get some photos of him but there are other children in them and I don't think its fair to publish them on here without asking permission from their parents, sad to have to be like that I know!!
He was fab too and said his lines really clear and he really enjoyed his this year, he got quite a buzz from performing!!! (ooooo he make take after me after all!!)
Bye for now, cards to show tomorrow!

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