Friday, 1 August 2008

It's a paper party!

Do you just love paper???

Do you keep looking at it in your craft room not wanting to use it??

Well break into it this month as Stampin Up have a fantastic Paper offer!!

Buy any 3 packs of 12x12 paper and get a 4th one of your choice free!!

The paper packs can be found on pages 72 & 73 of the current catalogue.
I am having my very own Paper Party next week in my home. If you are in the Leeds/Bradford area please mail me for details


  1. Hey Jules!

    I've been reading your blog for a while, have got you on my friends list :-) Just wondered if you could give me some info on Stampin Up. I hear about it all the time but don't atually know much about it. Is it a UK or US based company? Where can I get the catalog from? Any info would be greatly received, thank you :-)


  2. Hi Bud, I have tagged you. x Hope the party goes great tomorrow. x

  3. Hiya Julie,

    I did reply to your questions regarding my desks, via e-mail. I hope you received it. Hope all goes well with your Stampin Up party tomorrow xx vicki xx