Saturday, 1 December 2007

Sorry no cards!

Sorry no cards to show you, been so busy with wedding stuff. Sat here watching Strictly, my most favourite programme ever!!!!!!! Not sure who I want to win but Gethin is very pleasing on the eye!!! Been tuning into Blue Peter a little bit more these days!!!!
My husband has been poorly with the "man flu" since Friday lunch. I know he can't help it but why do they have to be so pathetic, it's like I've got 3 children!!!
Put an order in at Craftwork Cards yesterday as they are having a sale, went on the site today and they have added some more stuff so check it out!!!
Bye for now

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  1. Did Gathan rock tonight or did he rock!! his mum must be so proud LOL.It is the only telly I must watch live. Shame about Kelly but I can understand why she needed to pull out. Are you doing another order? Sue :o)