Monday, 26 May 2014

Stampin Up Incentive Trip - Penultimate Day!

Hi there! It's Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK and the sun is actually shining a little bit today! Today I am updating the penultimate day of our lovely trip. This was the Saturday and by this point we were looking forward to getting home to our boys, whom we missed like crazy, but also quite sad to be leaving the friends we had made. 

In the morning we went Ice Skating. Well I say we, Mr K just watched and took a few photos and I helped Beth with her 3 girls. I don't often skate but I am not too bad and manage to stay upright and get a good speed up. I spent a lot of the time holding onto one of the girls or sometimes 2!
 I spent a lot of time with Bella, holding her up or pulling her along as she held onto my jumper. Isn't she just the cutest?
 Had an amazing time with these lovely people during the week as well as the awesome Klass family who joined us on the ice later. 2 more girls to skate with!1
 Mr K and I then went to catch a little bit of sun on one of the top decks but I am not one for sitting still for a great length of time so we then went to watch another diving show, this time it was a Madagascar character show which was brilliant.
After a lovely lunch with the Stewart family we had to go pack our suitcases and get sorted out as we had to be at the Blue Planet show for 4.45pm and then straight onto dinner. The show was amazing and the next 3 photos are by the lovely Steffi Nitzpon from Germany who kindly shared her photos.
My favourite part was when this tree came forward and the branches and roots were made up by the performers. It looks quite obvious on this photo but on stage with the lighting and angles, you couldn't tell as much until they moved.

After the show we went for a lovely meal to the 150 Central Park restaurant with demonstrators from the UK and it was nice to catch up as we hadn't seen as much of them as usual with the trip and boat being so big this time. The gift for this evening came a lot earlier than usual as we had to have our cases packed and ready so I think the took this into account when leaving our goodies. 
 Tonight we got this gorgeous bag which is from a company called Sage and Harper. I think they had them adapted for us as it has one of our Naturals buttons on the front and a piece of the red rubber on the strap which says Stampin Up! I love it but I haven't dared use it yet. It usually takes me about a year to stop stroking it and actually use it!
Here is a photo of all the loot we got on the trip. Most of it is in the big brown bag in the middle.
A sad sight on the last night on the ship. We had to leave our cases outside our room by 11pm the night before!
Hope you enjoyed this instalment and I will be back tomorrow to share the last day with you.
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