Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Stampin Up Incentive Trip - Part 7

Wow we are unto Friday of the trip already and this was probably my favourite day. We docked in Mexico quite early and for the first time we saw another cruise ship docking at the same time! This was the Carnival Magic and it had a water slide on the top!
Once we left the ship we had to get a taxi to the Chankanaab National Park which was quite daunting for us but we managed fine and it was very organised. I was so excited as a few months ago Teri and I liaised and booked a Dolphin Swim for us and her daughter Lauren. We paid for the top level of swim, the Royal Swim and got to do extras, but more of that later.
It was a lovely place and we had a nice cold drink as we had a little bit of time to spare. We were all very excited for our turn but had to wait until 12noon. I think the most nerve wracking thing was stripping down to my swimming costume!!!!
Before our time slot we went to see a Sea Lion show which was really cute and we even got to meet the Sea Lions and have a kiss from one of them!
Before long it was our turn. We were swimming in the actual sea, not in a pool, just the normal sea with was enclosed with fencing. As you look at the photo below we were right at the back and walked along the pier and down the far steps. I didn't realise we would be so exposed to the open water and it was really quite hard to keep balanced on the platform as the waves came in.
I have wanted to swim with the dolphins for ages. Its been on my bucket list and it totally lived up to my expectations. We were in a small group of 7 and had 2 dolphins, a boy called Apollo and a girl called Padme. The rest of the photos are professional ones taken by the guy who worked there. They weren't cheap but it was the only way to get some decent shots.
 This was quite scary when they pulled you along. You had to tread water and put your arms out like a letter T and the trainer blew her whistle and they came around the back of you, you had no idea how close they were to you. Once they were level with you then you grabbed their fins and you were off!! Amazing!
The signature move was the Foot Push! You had to lay almost on your front and lock your legs then the dolphins came up behind you and put their noses under your feet and pushed you along. It was like you were flying! I am SO pleased we got the opportunity to do this and its all because of Stampin Up and my amazing customers and team members. I will never ever forget this wonderful experience.
 After all that excitement we had a lovely burger for lunch, we were REALLY hungry and then headed back to the ship and I think we had a nap too. In the evening we joined both our Aussie sets of friends for dinner but there weren't enough seats at the table so I told the 4 adults to go have some adult time and we would take care of the girls. We were joined by the loveliest 5 girls you could ever wish to meet.
After a lovely meal we went for drinks with some friends from Germany, Sylvia and Uwe and had a lovely couple of hours with them but sadly no photos. We returned to our cabin to another towel art and pillow gift but this time I can only show you the outside of the box as it contained all new products from the upcoming catalogue!!! 
What an amazing day we had. Back tomorrow!
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