Friday, 16 May 2014

Stampin Up Incentive Trip - Part 4

Hello there! Thank you for your continued comments on how you are enjoying my posts from the trip. I hope you aren't fed up yet - we still have quite a few days to go!
So the Tuesday was our first on shore day and the first stop was Labadee in Haiti. Labadee is a private resort on the northern coast of Haiti and is leased to Royal Caribbean until 2050. They bring the food onto the island from the ship and cook it on the island. It was a lovely relaxing beach day.

Here is our first glimpse of the island as we had breakfast delivered to our room, which we ate on the balcony.
When we were docking in the port there was a welcome group of boats and jet skis all waving flags and making lots of noise! It was really cool!!
This was the first time we had properly been up close and personal with the outside of the ship and we were blown away by the sheer size of it. Honestly the photos do not show just how huge this thing is!!
We got of the ship quite early and the beach was quite empty so we got a subbed and used our new Stampin Up towels. Those who know me well know that a swimming costume is my least worn item of clothing! I hate swimming and pools etc.... but this water did look very tempting!
Aren't the towels fab?? Another selfie!
Before long we were so so hot from  the sun and needed some liquid refreshment. I am not a drinker really but I pinched Robino's lager!

We were soon joined by the lovely Stewart family from Australia and I could not resist going in the water with Beth and her girls!!! 
There was a lovely guy who was bringing fruity punch round in special cups so we indulged in one of those and Teri took this photo of us!!! 
We returned to the ship mid-afternoon as we were so hot and it was uncomfortable. We paid a visit to the Stampin Up Hospitality Suite and I got another chance to browse through the new US catalogue and catch up with a few more demonstrator friends!
That evening we had dinner and then it was followed by the show Chicago in the Amber Theatre which is really huge. It's amazing to think you are watching a show on a moving ship, you often forget that you are actually on a ship!
When we returned to our rooms there was a little gift on the bed It was a $50 credit on our room bill!! Very nice Stampin Up - thank you!
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  1. Hi Julie lovely pics again today - l am sat in my garden with my lappy and could almost be sat on the beach dipping my toes in the caribbean sea - Oh happy Days x Susan x