Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Stampin Up Incentive Trip 2014 - Part 2

So....... after the LONG wait to get onboard the ship we finally made it and were blown away by the sheer size of it! It was like a city on the water! We headed to our room and we had a lovely balcony on the outside of the ship which was really great. The bed was really big too and there was plenty of room for us!
We were greeted by this gorgeous banner and sign that were attached to our door with magnets! The photos are rubbish sorry!
Once we unpacked a few things we headed out to the top deck of the ship and watched the ship leaving Fort Lauderdale. It was an amazing atmosphere and the people on the beach were all waving at us! 
That evening we went for dinner at our allotted time of 6pm and were sat at our assigned table. We were joined by a lovely family from Australia, the Stewarts who have 3 gorgeous little girls aged 5, 7 and 9! They were just lovely to spend time with on the first night and we spent lots of time with them over the coming week. After dinner we attended the Boardwalk Bash that Stampin Up hosted on Deck 6. The Boardwalk was amazing and we had it to ourselves that evening. It has a carousel which was fantastic for the kids, as well as the big kids too!
This next photo was taken by Shelli's son in law who was taking official photographs for Stampin Up. This lady with me is just the most lovely lady you could ever wish to meet. I have been talking online and on Skype to Sarah for the last few months and this photo was taken just a few moments after we met for the first time!! We had a blast last week and I am so grateful to Stampin Up for bringing us together!
After an emotional meet up we had our own private showing of the Oceanaria Aqua show. The diving was AMAZING and you had to give them extra credit as they were diving from huge heights on a moving ship!!!!
 After the show we went for a drink and I indulged in this non-alcoholic Strawberry one, they were divine!!!
 We then returned to our room to find a gorgeous pillow gift for the first night! His and hers sunbed towels! We love them!
Back tomorrow!
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  1. Lovely pics Julie, especially the cocktails :) you are getting me in the mood for our next cruise, (feb 2015) x Susan x

  2. I was so excited to see the pic of you with Sarah and have to agree that she's the loveliest lady you could ever meet. She's the daughter of my beautiful sister Jane, so she's extra special to me! Am loving your daily posts about your amazing prize trip!

    Love from Australia.

    Mary x