Monday, 19 May 2014

Stampin Up Incentive Trip - Part 5

Hello there and welcome to another week on my blog. This weekend as you know I was in Telford for the UK Regional Training event. It was a fantastic day and I had the most amazing and hilarious time with our team. I also LOVED doing my presentation on stage for 30 minutes and I would like to thank all of the people who came to speak to me and tell me they enjoyed it and found it useful. Also heartfelt thanks for the comments, texts, emails and FB messages about it. It really does mean a lot to me!

So back to the cruise. We are up to Wednesday now which was our 2nd on shore day in the port of Falmouth, Jamaica. We had arranged to meet our lovely Aussie friends for brekkie but they never arrived so we went to sit down and were shortly joined by the lovely Hannah who informed us the others were still in bed and had slept in so she had come along to let us know and join us for breakfast as long as we didn't mind! Of course we didn't mind!!!! 
The lovely Hannah!
We soon docked at the port and we were ready to find our Tour Guide. We were a little nervous as we booked it ourselves months before the trip and were a little worried about what it would be like. We had booked a trip to the Dunns River Falls in Ochos Rios and then River Tubing afterwards!
We were collected by a lovely girl called Alicia and her driver Shaw and they were FANTASTIC. After a long drive we were at the falls and were introduced to our Falls Tour Guide, Courtney, he was lovely! The falls walk was quite scary, lots of water to contend with a big rocks to climb. The hardest thing for me was the fact that I have short legs, it was hard to get up some of the rocks.
We didn't take our camera as it would have been drenched but Teri luckily had a waterproof camera and took these shots for us. Thank you Teri so much
It was freezing!
We were then transported to the river and a lovely lad was our guide down the river. I don't have many photos of this but I did indulge in a bottle of Red Stripe as we went down the river. It was hilarious and another highlight of the trip!
After a lovely meal that evening we went to Dazzles bar and entered into a Don't forget the Lyrics style competition, well I say we, myself and Sarah's husband Tim did, along with another Aussie guy Dave who is married to loverly Marelle an Aussie demo. I was appalling and got knocked out in the first round but Tim went on to win the whole thing, he was FAB! We then went onto a 70's Street Party and were literally dancing in the streets to all the 70's music, it was an amazing evening and the Cruise Director, Ken Rush was awesome. They were filming the evening and Sarah and I were on the TV dancing the next day in the crowds!!
 Me and my lovely Robino above and my lovely friend Sarah below.
It was soon bedtime and we returned to more towel art
And this gorgeous chevron patterned bin which I am going to use in my car. It was filled with candy!
Tomorrow was an At Sea day so please make sure you come back to hear all about it!
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  1. Lovely pics Julie, looks like you had a fab time at the Falls - l have been to Jamaica a few times but not done the Falls. Love the towel art too x Susan x