Thursday, 8 November 2012

Dancing Weekend

Good Morning! Hope you enjoyed my post about Convention! I love sharing the photos with you (would love you to attend next year too if you fancy joining our wonderful team!)

As well as the Convention on Thursday-Saturday it was also the ISTD Grand Finals at Blackpool! This is the one event all the dancers at our school work towards all year. Unfortunately I could not be in 2 places at once so I was at Convention while Evan danced on the Saturday. He was fine with it, in fact most of the Mums commented he was more relaxed as I wasnt there to nag him about his steps!!!!

Here he is all grown up - he is 10 on Tuesday

Number 157 going onto the floor for his Waltz round

We were so chuffed as he got a recall into the next round which is what his teacher had hoped he would do! We were so proud of him, as he was of himself too!

Here he is sideways on doing the Jive, its not his best dance and he didnt get through on it but he got through it an totally did his best!

I landed in Manchester at 22.30 on the Saturday night and was on the dance floor in my first competition at 9.22 - here I am doing the Sequence in the Jade green dress! I didnt get to the Semi final but its not my strongest so I wasnt to bothered at all.

I was then  in the Quickstep at 11.15 and here I am in the same dress dancing with my teacher Tim, I got through into the Second Round for this one!

For Samba in the latin section at 16.00 I was thrilled to get to the Semi FInal, just not quite making it into the Final - was very very pleased with Semi as Samba is notoriously difficult!

The highlight of the day was the couples section where I danced with my lovely friend Paul. We NEVER imagined we would get into the Final but we did in both the Waltz and the Cha Cha Cha!!!! We could not believe it - we were the only couple from the North in both finals!!

We did come 6th in the Waltz but we were just SO happy to even make the final!

The best was yet to come - we were RUNNERS UP in the Cha Cha Cha!!! Our school cheered so loud when the news was announced! The best thing was the music, we had Moves Like Jagger for the Final so we just went for it!

We were just SO happy, couldnt believe it - especially after being so tired from 3 days at the Stampin Up Convention!

Trophies for the mantlepiece and my lovely lovely friend Paul!

Thank you to everyone who sent me good luck messages and texts and has been asking how I got on at both COnvention and Blackpool! Your support is so appreciated - I have a pretty amazing life!

Julie x