Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Where do I start?

Hey there!

I am sorry for the delay in updating about my trip to the Annual Stampin Up convention but I have returned home poorly and have been struggling for the last 2 days!!

It has been the most amazing time spent with girls from our wonderful team and other fellow demonstrators from across Europe, and I am on cloud nine!

I simply cannot put all the photos on today so I am putting a selection on fromDay 1 and will return tomorrow with piccies from the Awards dinner. I do however want to update you and thank you - my wonderful customers as I had lots of awards to receive at Convention

Number 4 in Sales in the UK
Number 2 in Recruiting in the UK
Number 2 in Leadership in the UK
3rd Place in Demonstrator of the Year!!!

WOW - I am truly thankful to you all and my wonderful group of Julie's Jems. We had such a good time together and they are the best group of girls I could wish for!

So here are a few pictures

The theme was GROW so there were lots of displays with flowers and garden themed projects, a tonne of inspiration for us to see!!

One of my team members SALLY-JO had never flown before or left the UK and she was SO excited to be there - when the music began at the start she was up and dancing, it was a joy to see!!
Shortly after,Yvonne and Jeannette joined in with the UK Manager Paula Gorry for a spot of dancing at the front!!

Have you seen our shirts, most of us had these made with our names on and Julie's Jems on the back, I must thank Sally-Jo for organising this, it made it so much easier to find each other on the first day! Here is the wonderful Shelli Gardener on stage on her first presentation. Some of my words featured in this presentation and it was an honour to be asked to give my thoughts on Stampin Up!

Here is our gang on the main stage. We were lucky enough to win a VIP photo session and the photographer also took a photo on my camera!

I just had to share this one of my Chris (left) and her downline Jules (right), messing about behind the flower displays on stage!

Back tomorrow all being well - I have a workshop tonight so I need to get myself sorted out!

Jules x

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