Thursday, 24 November 2011

More from Convention - The Awards Night!

Hello there, I am beginning to feel a bit more normal (well as normal as it gets in this house!) so I am back with details of the wonderful awards night.

Its tradition for my lovely SJ and I to have a silly photo like this before we go down to dinner, sorry SJ - had to be done!!!

I went for a green frock this year, there was a reason for this - not just because its my favourite colour!!

I love this photo of my girls, just asked I asked to take their photo they burst out laughing!! Apparently the night before whilst sharing a bed with SJ, I had turned over towards her and rubbed her arm up and down !! Oooo errr!!

So the awards night BLEW me away!! I was honoured to go on stage 6 times!! 5 times to collect awards and another time for something very special!! Shelli gives everyone the most genuine and warm hug when you walk the stage!
I just love how I have almost collapsed in Paula's arms on this one!!

There were lots of people who walked the stage for Sales, so many that we were queueing up!!!! My lovely second level downline Jules walked the stage for her sales and we were all so proud of her!
I look like I am running to Paula on this one, its like slow mo!!!

Here I am with my Mummy Monica and Michelle Last, this photo was for Recruiting and I came 2nd place.
I was just so made up when my lovely Angela walked the stage for her Leadership, she was very very surprised to have received this award!

Bless her!!
This one is like deja vu but this photo is for Leadership award, again I came 2nd place - my team have had an amazing year and I love them all to bits, they put me on that stage!!

A few months back, in July, Stampin Up approached me to perform at Convention!! OMG I was so honoured, I sang a song from Wicked called For Good - the lyrics are so beautiful and can relate to the friendships I have made whilst being a Stampin Up Demonstrator.

If you have never heard the song, it is usually a duet at the end of the show - here it is on You Tube. Please listen to the lyrics
I cannot begin to tell you how nervous I was but I was truly honoured to have had the chance to do this and I am so pleased they trusted me to give a good performance!!
So after the emotion of performing, I then went back to my seat and was blown away to find I had come 3rd in Demonstrator of the Year - wowsers - I was amazed!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you to all my team, my customers, my fellow demos and my family for helping me achieve this! The photo below is all of the Demo's who have achieved the trip to Vienna next year, lots of lovely UK demos are on the trip and some of my good friends for the first time!
So our table was full of my prizes, I had to get all that little lot home!! I will show photos of them tomorrow!

After the awards it was off to the bar and I bought a round of drinks for my girlies to thank them for their hard work. Here they are from left to right - Sally-Jo, Yvonne, Nicky, Jeannette, Ann-Marie and Kate.
Karen, Lynda and Evelyn
Shazza, Angela, Julie, Chris and Jules. Poor Jill was feeling poorly and had gone back to her room :(
This was the state of mine and SJ's bed after the awards dinner!!

Next news, SJ leapt on the bed amongst the prizes!! Love it!

So of course I had to get in on the action too!!!

On a serious note, this Convention exceeded my expectations, it was the most wonderful couple of days with lovely people. Stampin Up organised such a fab event and I would love to share this with even more demonstrators in the future! If you would like more info on becoming a Demonstrator and attending next years Convention in Germany then please do get in touch with me.

Jules xx


  1. Julie,

    It looks like you had such a wondertime time at Convention. I'm going to start saving now so I can join you all next year. Well done for getting all your awards, you deserve them!

  2. FĂ©licitations!!!
    tu le mérites
    et encore merci pour le partage quotidien sur ton blog
    bise de la France

  3. {{Mostly}} great pics Jules! A weekend to remember for sure xxx
    Hugs xx

  4. Jules I have to say you are one AMAZING lady so am not surprised you did so well with the awards.
    Hugs Sonia xx

  5. Jules, you and your team have done so very well this year, all those awards, I am in awe. I am a new demo and find this to be so inspirational. Congratulations to one and all.

  6. Thanks for the photos Jules. What a wonderful,wonderful time you all had. The song you sang is beautiful. Hope you feeling better now. Have a good weekend. Anne x