Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Brilliant Blackpool!

Hello there!!! I did schedule a post for Sunday but it never appeared so I am not sure what happened there!!!

I am just about recovered from a fab dancing weekend at Blackpool. It was such an honour to dance at the Empress Ballroom, where the World Championships are held!!!!!!!!!

Look at how busy the event was on the Saturday, lots of dancing. The children dance on the Saturday and the adults dance on the Sunday.

Here is my boy all ready. This was at 8.15am!! He had to dance at 8.30am!!

Here he is waiting to go on with his partner and latin teacher, Sue.

Here they are in the middle of the photo doing the quickstep, look at that heel lead!!

Evan didnt get a recall in Quickstep but he did in Cha Cha Cha and he was so thrilled, as we were too!! He really got those hips going and did fab considering he was dancing in a heat with older children and children of a higher level.

This is me on the Sunday, again really early in the morning!!!

This is me and my lovely friend and partner Paul. He did SO well, and it was my job to dance with him for all his comps!!

Thought I would show you this action shot of us doing the Cha Cha Cha!
And here we are very very happy, as Paul got into the FINAL!!! Yes he came 6th!!! Woo hoo!!! We both did really well, I got recalls in everything I danced so I was happy with that!!!

Back to crafting today, got my Tuesday Club tonight

Jules x


  1. Fab photo's Julie - gorgeous dresses and the colours - wonderful!! YOu all did really well!

  2. Julie, you were right I LOVE that dress! And well done on doing so well.

  3. Well done Jules and Evan too! Way to go Evan, you are doing so well! I bet Paul did so well 'cos he had a great partner - fab piccies Jules, your dresses looked lush! xx