Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The Magic of Christmas

Happy Wednesday to you. Gosh I dont seem to know what day of the week it is at the moment, have to keep checking!!!! Due to illness I have a lack of cards to show but I do have some Chrimbo photos before we all got ill!!!

Sorry for the length of the post today!

Here is our front garden on Christmas eve, very snowy! Do you like the gap in the fence!! That was where the skip went when we were have the conservatoire done!!

I had to show you a couple of photos of Evan on Christmas morning. He is 7 now and this year he was the most excited he has ever been. His face when opening his presents is so expressive, I am so glad I managed to capture it on camera, you can almost hear the gasps!!!!!! I am sure he is going to be on stage with a face like that, he has good singing voice too!


And he loved his Club Penguin puffle, cuddled it straight away, bless!

On Christmas Eve, Robin and boys madea this snowman and had a snowball fight. This was taken on Boxing Day so he wasnt at his peak on this photo but it was lovely to look out of the window on Christmas Day and see a lovely snowman at the bottom of your garden!

We all went sledging on Boxing Day to a local park. I normally dont like going as I hate getting wet and cold. I love the sledging part but hate coming home and feeling cold etc..... But I made a big effort and we had a fab time! Ross decided to take his body board with him to see if it worked as well as a sledge - it didnt!!!

There were only 2 other people here, was lovely!

Off he goes!

Evan loved the sledge!!

Finally I wanted to finish with this photo I took of Evan that I am really proud of! I think its a lovely photo, I laugh at all the gaps in his teeth at the moment, but it really sums him up!!

Sorry for no cards today, hope you have enjoyed my photos instead!

Jules xx


  1. it warms a mother's heart to see such joy over gifts :)

  2. Lovely snowy pics, forget what snow looks like living here lol
    Your boys look as if they had the best time!

    happy New YEar to you and your
    mandi xx

  3. Lindas as suas fotos na neve!
    Que delícia de neve.
    Aqui no Brasil faz muito calor nessa época, e o Natal fica sem graça.
    Desejo a você um Feliz ano novo.
    E que 2010 seja especial!

    Happy new year.

  4. lovely snowy pictures, it looks like you had a fab time, Happy New years