Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Half a craft room

Hello there

Yesterdy I spent a lot of time building IKEA units on my own for my new craft area. Please note this isnt finished yet but I am too impatient and wanted to show photos!!!!! Things arent definitely in the right place yet so there will be a few changes

Here is the view as you enter from the living room. I think the portrait of Evan may have to go to make way for some shelves.

I didnt intend to have these cupboards here, they used to hold toys and Dvds but they are quite useful. I have since put my printer on top there the magazine files are! I think I need a thin cupboard in between this unit and my desk.

Here is a rather tidy desk. I havent actually made anything here yet!

Here are my shelves for my stamps, its the Benno unit from IKEA which I already had in my craft room upstairs. Underneath is an Expedit unit with my cardstock.

This is opposite my desk and I have since sorted it out as its a bit messy on this photo!

So this area will be where I create and do my admin work etc... The conservatory will be where I make my wedding stationery and hold card classes.
Here is how its looking at the moment. The builders have finished and now the people with the glass frame are coming on Monday! I can hardly contain myself!!!

Jules x


  1. This all looks very exciting. I doubt you will spend much time on that sofa. x x

  2. Hi Jules

    Looking fab .. love the desk where did you get it .. ikea? If so what it called I so need a new desk .. loving the new crafting space :-)

  3. Things are looking Fab Jules, Hugs Sarah BX

  4. ~Wow,i can only imagine how excited you must be!
    Suzie qx