Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Cards by my boys!

Good Morning!!!
Only 9 sleeps to go, arrrghh we are in single figures now!
Today my good friend Anna leaves the school that my boys go to. SHe has taught there for 10 years and is ready for a change but its still a sad day! My boys both voluntarily wanted to make her a card (I think the fact I told them they could do it in the new craft room helped) so I cut some blanks out and gave them a Simply Scrappin Kit and a coupld of ideas
This is Evan's (he is 7) and i think he has done a lovely job!
And this is Ross's card (he is 10), I did help him with the design but he stuck most of the other stuff on himself.
Of course we had to have a matching gift, which was a stamp set that I knew Anna didnt have!! I got the wrapping idea from Jenny Moors blog, thanks Jen!

And here is the combo together, the photos arent good, sorry! I took them at 8.15 this morning!

Here is the conservatory as it was on Monday afternoon, new flooring laid and plaster all dried out

It has since been painted by my Dad, he is just finishing off the glossing of the skirting boards today and then I should be able to start moving things in!

Can't wait!

Thats all for today, got to get on and make some cards, got 2 special birthdays tomorrow


  1. Love the cards the boys made, Anna will love them.
    The conservatory is looking fab!!

  2. Well done boys! Your cards are fab and your teacher will love them.
    I can't wait to see the next lot of conservatory photographs - it's looking good!
    Clare x

  3. The gift and cards are fab, and what can I say about the Conservatory, WOW!!!!!! Hugs Sarah B X