Wednesday, 9 December 2009

At last a card!

Hello again!
Seems like I haven't posted a card on here for a while so have got one to show today. Its a very basic card as I am doing 5 for £5 class at my friend Anna's house on Friday. The ladies will get to make 5 simple cards for £5.
It is made with Chocolate Chip and Very Vanilla and uses the Season of Joy set plus a sentiment from Occasional Greetings
Here is the conservatory this morning before they started work on it. There is a roof on here but you cannot see it very well. Today they are putting all the glass is so I am hoping that tonight they may be able to take the boarding off the patio door as I am fed up of it being dark in here! I have just asked him and they have said all the glass will be in tonight so I can have the boards off!! Yipppeee

Very proud moment for me today. I went to see Ross in his Christmas performance. It will be his last Christmas play at Primary School so I was a bit emotional. He has a really big part, lots of lines and he was a real superstar (I know I would say that anyway, but he was!!!) Usually the children are only allowed 2 tickets for their parents to come but as it was the morning performance the hall wasnt full so I was able to ring my Dad and he came down really quick and got to see Ross. Ross was so chuffed to see his Grandad there, especially as he was playing the part of the Grandad!!!!

Thats all for now, the glass is half in and the electrician has just turned up asking me where I want my plug sockets, how exciting!

Jules x


  1. Wow, your extension is coming along nicely! That card is fabulous too. I've got a little something waiting for you on my blog :) x

  2. It's looking fab!!
    Have fun planning your new room! And well done Ross on a fab performance.

  3. Lovely card, conservatory is coming on nicely too, how exciting. And a big well done to Ross, he must take after his mum, wonder if he will be in performances with you soon?? :0)
    Hugs S.J. xx

  4. Ross was ace, his line about reet looking forward to Christmas dinner went down a storm last night!!