Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Conservatory update!

Hello there
Little update for you today. This was how the conservatory looked yesterday afternoon, rain stopped the men doing much more but they are here today and I know have a roof, hoping some of the glass goes in today too!!!

Its really taking shape and I am so looking forward to it being finished (on Friday fingers crossed). I have the floor guy coming on Monday and then its all systems go to get a new tree and get it all festive for Christmas!

My new office space is also working very well for me. I have added more storage since I last showed pictures but will wait until its all finished to show you more!

Yesterday I made these place cards for one of my wedding customers. They are getting married on Boxing Day and are quite a funky young couple so they wanted flowers that were a bit trendy, the retro punch came in very handy!

I have much more room to lay things out to dry etc now when they are all finished

Right, better get going, got a hair appointment this afternoon
Back tomorrow
P.S I am really cross as I forgot to take a picture of all the cards that Evan made for his school friends!!! He was so keen to write them and take them that I never got chance!


  1. Its really coming on - looks great!!!

  2. Things are really moving now cant wait to see it all finished. x