Sunday, 4 August 2013

Incentive Trip - Wednesday (Part 2)

Hello there and good morning! So after the tour of the factory we got to use the Private Entrance and visit the apartment above the factory. This is where Shelli, her family and corporate team members stay if they are visiting the facility. 

It was very Shelli all over and was clearly a family place too with children's toys and books throughout the apartment!

This was the TV lounge

And the main lounge which lead onto the dining area and kitchen.

Photos of Shelli and her family adorned the apartment.

Even the Laundry room was decorated in a gorgeous way!

Because we were ahead of schedule we paid an impromptu visit to the famous playground which Shelli and Sterling refurbished in memory of Sterling's father. All the rubber on the playground floor is of course Stampin Up!!!

I just had to have a go down the slide!! The poor boy that was on the playground before 3 coach loads turned up hadn't got a clue what was going on!!!

Just look at the view!!

One of my favourite photos from my trip!!! Love the sign!

So the flight back was very eventful and not in a good way. We were sat on the runway for a very long time in a very hot plane that had been waiting on the runway to take us back for hours. My poor guest Ellie had a bad asthma attack due to the heat! It was pretty scary and coupled with a very bumpy turbulent flight is something I am happy not to have to witness again! Luckily she was fine after having some oxygen and the paramedics weren't needed!

I'll be back tomorrow with my Thursday news!


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  1. Looks like you have had an amazing time Jules - you lucky girlie. Take care x Susan x