Friday, 2 August 2013

Incentive Trip - Tuesday

Hello there! I am a little late posting today as I have been finalising preps for my Stamp a Stack event this evening! It's my last class until the kids are back at school!

So carrying on with my Incentive Trip shenanigans we are onto the Tuesday now! I have to say this was the day I was most looking forward to as we were visiting the Home Office in Riverton. I have longed to visit the Home Office since joining Stampin Up and was so happy that my dream was coming true!

After a coach journey we soon saw the lovely building from the windows and everyone let out a cheer as we all recognised it!

We approached the building from another entrance, can you see the huge warehouse to the right of the photo?

I hope this works for you but here is a video I took to capture the atmosphere and amazing welcome from the Home Office staff! There wasn't a dry eye in the house! Can you hear my huge gasp at the beginning of the video!! I was just so happy to be there!

The lovely Be the Difference banners

Inside the building was amazing, again we had seen this on various blogs and videos but it was fantastic to actually be there!

I was a little bit excited!!

We had a personal tour of the offices, ours was with the lovely Donna Griffiths, an amazing lady whom I met last year at Stampin Up Leadership in Reading. All around the offices there were these dressers dotted about, filled to the brim with samples. Very very Shelli in style and I didn't know where to look next!

We got to meet lots of different people including this lovely lady here who is one of the illustrators. She showed us how she illustrates on the computer but as you can see from her desk she also likes to hand sketch things too!

This is where I want to work!! This is one of the desks of the Concept Artists! They make all the samples you see in the catalogue! WOW, crafting all day, although I am sure it must be hard coming up with designs all the time!

All the paper and card they get to play with!

 Another exciting part of the tour was seeing the Distribution Centre where all the orders are packed! Talk about kid in a sweet shop, I didnt know where to look next!

Here is the Pick Line, it was amazing watching these girls pick orders!

The parcels go down various chutes depending on where they are travelling to.

All those goodies!!

After the tour we had a lovely lunch and yet again there was attention to detail with the place settings. I saw a number of demonstrators roll these up to take them home! How cute are they?

After lunch we visited the Ideas Room and we got a goody bag with products and they had designed 4 projects for us to make! 

Some nice sneak peek stuff from the Seasonal catalogue thats coming soon!!! I didnt get all my projects finished and I must admit to feeling a little stressed trying to get them done! Now I know what my ladies must feel like at my Stamp a Stacks!!!

I just had to visit "The Rock" and have my photo taken!! Thanks Natalie for coming with me and taking the photo!

In the evening we were then dropped off at the City Creek Shopping Mall and Ellie and myself visited the Cheescake Factory! We had been dying to do this since the Convention! We said that we would just have some cheesecake but when the menus came out we decided to have a sandwich too!! BIG MISTAKE!! Although it was gorgeous, and the sweet potato fries were to due for, the portions were HUGE!!!!

We never managed to finish it all!!!

I hope you have enjoyed todays ramblings and overload of photos!! Come back tomorrow for details of a very eventful day at Kanab!



  1. Love all the pics and your description of home office. I'm not even a demo ( just a SU junkie) and I'm jealous! Cheers Donna Z :)

  2. Julie, Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful photos of your trip to convention! Looks like you had a wonderful time!