Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Incentive Trip - Thursday

Hello there! Apologies for no posting yesterday! I was away in Northumberland to celebrate my Dad's 70th birthday with my family!

I'd like to say again, thank you for all the emails and messages sharing how much you are enjoying my blog posts from Utah!! I did go a bit crazy on the camera but I wanted to make sure I got a good selection of photos to share with my blog readers and my wonderful team.

So onto the Thursday - this was our final full day and was a day of "leisure" until the early evening. So in the morning I had a little jaunt down to Park City (the nearest town) on the shuttle bus that Stampin Up had provided. The bus met us in the Car Park which was accessed by the Funicular railway, so it was time for another ride - here it is inside!

Park City was a lovely little town with the trolley bus service that ran up and down the Main Street.

Everywhere you look you can tell you are in a ski resort!

Now I had a motive for going into Park City as I had arranged to meet Jose and Ron. Jose is a relative of my Mum's Great Auntie Lizzie and my Mum had found her whilst doing the various Ancestry and family tree research that she does. My Mum told Jose I was coming to SLC so I arranged to meet her and Ron for a coffee. They were really lovely people and looked after me, taking me and Jo and Julie to Walmart for an extra case to bring home! We then went for a Starbucks and they kindly ran me back to the hotel in their car. They had never been over this side of the mountain so hadnt seen the hotel! I took them for a sneaky ride in the Funicular and showed them round a bit!

We then had to get ready for the final night, as well as sorting out our packing for leaving the next day! The coaches were ready for us at 5.15 and after what seemed like quite a long journey we arrived at this Ranch for a Hoedown!!!!!

Lovely snacks on arrival!

Although this drink left a bit to be desired! I'll leave it for the cowboys!

As usual the tables were set beautifully and was ate our meal in what used to be the horse stables but was now used as an events venue.

Our table! We did have a laugh with Frank Manoo the monkey!

Me and my lovely friend Ellie.

After the meal it was time to move into the dancing area! A lovely decorated large wooden gazebo. I loved the lights as it got darker!

We had a few goes at line dancing and Ellie and I managed a Cha Cha Cha to one of the country tunes! Unbeknown to us the "Cowboy Dancers" helping us with the line dancing were actually Latin American dancers and when they saw us doing the Cha they quickly came and grabbed each of us for a Cha Cha!! Hmmm, was very nice dancing with Jeremy!!!

The next day it was time to get this little lot sorted out! I had to buy the red holdall as extra luggage as I had so much in goodies!! Stampin Up are also kindly shipping a box home for us so we had to work out what to put in the box and weigh each item individually!!

Here are all the boxes!

I hope you have enjoyed my blog posts on my amazing trip to Utah! 6 flights in 10 days really took its toll on me and I think I have only just got over the jet lag! I have had the most AMAZING time and have seen places I only dreamt of seeing. I have to of course thank my wonderful team of demonstrators, Julie's Jems, my fantastic customers, Stampin Up for arranging such a seamless operation for so many demonstrators and my lovely family for supporting me in what I do!

I'll be back with crafty things tomorrow!



  1. Reckon you will take a long time to come down to earth after your amazing adventure x

  2. AWESOME! Thanks for sharing your trip. Cheers Donna Z :)

  3. Its been great reading all about your trip - I'm sure there'll still be loads more to tell when we see you tomorrow!!