Tuesday, 1 April 2014

40th wishes across the miles!

Hi there and I hope you enjoyed yesterdays post all about our wonderful retreat day? I am so looking forward to planning the next one!

When I was little I always wanted a proper Pen pal who I could write letters to and eventually meet one day. With the ever rising popularity of social media it's now a lot easier to have virtual Pen pals across the world. Stampin' Up! has brought me MANY and I mean loads of new friends from all over the world, I will be forever grateful for this and today I am sharing a card I made and sent as a surprise to my lovely Aussie friend and fellow "Mrs K", Sarah Klass! I have LOVED Sarah's work and style of blog writing for ages and often had thought what a cool lady she sounded! And don't get me started on her amazing My Digital Studio skills!! A few months ago Sarah messaged ME! I was a little star struck! She was asking for advice on classes etc.. and we had a Skype call, fast forward to today and a few Skype calls later and many many Facebook chats we are the firmest of friends and I cannot wait to meet her, Mr K and her adorable Hannah and Sophie when we all go on the cruise together in a few weeks time!
 A couple of weeks ago it was Sarah's 40th birthday (how cool we are the same age too!), 2 x 40 year old Mrs K's!!!! I sneaked her address from her Mum (who I found on FB) and sent her this card in the airmail post! Safe to say it has arrived safely and I can share it with you.
Bit of a combination of a few different makes of mine.
Happy 40th Birthday again Sarah, can't wait to meet you!
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  1. Awwww, this has me teary and goosebumpy all over again! So glad to have "met" you, Mrs K, and can't wait to squeeze you in real life! xoxo

  2. Hi Julie.....Sarah's mum here. It was good to share that conspiracy with you...that card looks beautiful xx

  3. A beautiful card and lovely story. Anne x

  4. What a lovely card Julie - and I love the story that goes with it. I love the colour combination as well.

  5. Gorgeous card!!! I've even seen it in REAL LIFE!!!! Our Mrs K is truly DIVINE... oh and she gives the BEST hugs!!!! So glad the two of you get to meet SOOOON!!!!.

    xxx SJ