Tuesday, 23 October 2007

The wonders of technology!

Well today has been a momentous day! After weeks of umming and ahhing I have finally bought a laptop!!! To be honest I need it for my business as I am hogging the family PC plus my husband feels like he is a single Dad when the kids are in bed as I am always upstairs!! (on the plus side though, he's never watched as much Sky Sports!!)

Anyway I was really pleased with my bargain laptop with its lovely silver casing and everything! 4 HOURS my husband has been trying to set up wireless access for me!!! He's been on the phone to one of those call centres abroad for 1 hour without any joy.

Anyway he's now gone to PC world in the hope of an elusive adapter that we think we may need!!!! The annoying thing is, is that he asked the guy in the shop if he needed one of these in the first place!!!

Back to cards, not had much chance to make many more but am going to try to upload some after my recent failed attempts!!!

Hey its worked!!! Bauble card kit from Cratwork Cards
Hubby phoned to say he will be back in 5 minutes with the adapter!!! Wish me luck!!!


  1. Julie what a beautiful card! I know how your husband feels we had such trouble with wireless connection and had to have a guy round from pc world even he didnt know what to do!! Sorted it eventually with a brilliant local computer guy

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging - I can keep in touch now between workshops - Brilliant!!

  3. Gorgeous!!!! Welcome to the blogging world!!!