Sunday, 28 October 2007

Back to School

Well its back to school for the boys tomorrow and back to work for me, only Monday morning and then not until Friday morning so not too bad!!!! Got loads of cards to make for some card sales I have coming up!!! Can't get fired up to make them at the minute, I think I have too many ideas in my head, need to go back to basics!!!! Been to rehearsal for my show this afternoon, went quite well!! Here are some photos of my craft room I have been re-jigging it this weekend, still got some bitsto change here and there, photos will be better in daylight too!

This is my big new unit, its still a bit messy but much better than before!

My desk and my new Papermania tote bag!!! Note I ALWAYS have a can of Diet Coke, its my trademark!!!

Photo taken from doorway, on the left used to be an old dressing table crammed with stuff, this has now gone and the 2 white units at the end are both new from Ikea, got loads more room to move around now and got room for NattyK now!!!

Thats it for now better go and make some cards, school uniform ironed, kids bathed and in bed, husband watching Sky Sports, can of Diet Coke at the ready, on my marks, get set, GO!


  1. It looks fabulous. Can't wait to get in there and do some crafting!!!! Well done buddy!

  2. Your craft room is gorgeous! Very jealous...

  3. We have all been at it, looks great. Must be because winter is coming and we know we will have to spend long winterr evenings crafting Sue:o)

  4. I love having a nosy around people's craft rooms, see you also bought the TSV with the big storage box from K & Co!!! I've also nominated you for a You Make Me Smile Award, as I love your cards.

    Tara x

  5. Oheee great craft haven there....