Sunday, 21 October 2007

School holidays and all that!

Wasn't at home much through the day on Sunday but managed to make 11 cards tonight!!! Had a bit of a black and hot pink theme going on so I was on a roll!!! Will take some piccies later!!

Still eagerly awaiting my stash from the Glitter Pot and a magazine subscription, hoping it arrives today!!!!!!

Made quite a few cards over the last couple of days as I need to build my stock back up from the Card Sale I did on Tuesday!!!

I keep trying to add photos but had problems last night and just now!!! Don't know whats happening!!!

Anyway school holidays this week so no work - YEAH but kids at home so don't know how much crafting will get done!!!!

Will keep trying to add the piccies!


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog, keep trying with the pics it doesn't always work first time, also there were some problems Sunday night.Is your friend Natty k the one that posts on the Do Crafts site? if it is I am a regular visitor to her gallery. Do you also post on there? Sue :0)

  2. Hi Julie, great blog, hope to see some more cards soon! Thank you for visiting my Blog and linking your blog to mine! :0)