Saturday, 27 October 2007

Saturday, Saturday....

Didn't sleep very well last night, starting with cold so was up and down blowing my nose and getting a drink etc... Hubby got up with kids and I had a lie in until 9.00!!

Had a sort out in my craft room last night, same old story just got too much stuff but still want more!!! I tend to give things to my boys as they like to make cards and do "craft" as they call it!!

Got a few rubber stamps to put onto Ebay and some Sizzix stuff I do longer want as I've got my Cricut. Just waiting to buy the Paper Dolls Dress Up cartridge!!! Going to order it from the USA, comes out on 1/12/07!!!!

Did a few cards last night for a show I am involved it!!!! I am a bit of a "lovey" and I am involved with a local amateur theatre group. I say amateur but in July we peformed We Will Rock You the Queen musical and the audience thought we were a professional company on tour!!!!

Anyway we are doing Bat Boy the musical. It is fantastic but no its not about Batman's son!!! It is about a boy who is half bat/half boy and is found in a cave in a small town in the south america, the story is about the predjudices he faces as he tries to become a "normal" boy!! It is very moving and also very funny.

So made a few Good Luck cards to sell to the cast!!!! We did Annie last year and I sold loads to all the parents whose little girls were in it!!!!

Well I've been rambling and no photos to upload!!!!


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