Monday, 24 December 2012

All about the packaging!!!!

Good morning! OOOOoooo its Christmas Eve!!! Everyone keeps saying "Are you all ready for Christmas?" I'm as ready as I will ever be and quite laid back about the whole thing - no point getting stressed out! We only have us 4 on Christmas day so its a very stress free affair!!!

Back to crafting - I always buy the girls and fellas who dance with Evan a little something from him for Christmas. Some of these girls are 14 and 15 and give their time up before their own lessons every Saturday to come and dance with all the younger pupils, so its just a little choccie something to say thank you!

Of course, it is all about the packaging and I made these Elf gift tags this year and tied the parcels up with retired satin ribbon

The girls had red ones and the boys had blue ones!!!!

They all seemed really surprised at the cute elves and commented that at least this year they could open the pressie without damaging the items I had made. I think last year I made it pretty impossible!!!

Hope you have an enjoyable Christmas Eve!!

Julie x

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  1. Oh my goodness, these elves are adorable! Could you share what punches you used to make them? I just recently found your blog and joined as a follower so I won't miss any of your wonderful creations.

    Thanks - carol fun