Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Perfect Prague - Day 3

Thank you again for all your lovely comments!! It really feels like I am reliving the experience through my blog when I read your comments!!!

So onto Day 3! By this point the fatigue was setting in with me!! After a huge adrenaline high on the make and take night with the aprons and the products we got chance to have a bit of a relaxing time on the Saturday as it was "Free Time"!!

We had breakfast and then met in the Hospitality area. I loved it here and could have spent hours there drinking coffees and eating the gorgeous sweets from the glass jars!! And of course who could forget Spin the Wheel!! Every day we got to have a go on the wheel to win a prize!! WE LOVED IT!!!!

This was my last ever spin (for this trip anyway!)

And here is my lovely friend Jo on the wheel!

After that Natalie set us up with a photo shoot in the corridor in the hotel! We did get a few odd glances and I had jaw ache after all the smiles!! Our country manager took this photo on everyones camera for us! I got to be at the front because I was the shortest (whats new!)

We then had a wander into the city and decided on a boat ride! I enjoyed watching the girls haggling with the guys trying to sell the boat trips!! Her is the wonderful Michelle having a glass of vino on the boat!
And here is Michelle, Monica and Jo. It actually got quite chilly on the boat, I should have had a hot chocolate!! It was so funny when the boat docked as the tannoy system played My Heart will go On from Titanic!!! ha ha ha!!

So we went back to our rooms after a lovely lunch and it was time to shower and scrub up into our best clobber for the Cocktail dinner! We had no idea where we were going and we were transported to the Palace of the Archbishop of Prague within Prague Castle!! Very posh for a girl from Yorkshire!!!!! I have to thank Bekka for taking this photo of me on my camera! With the opulent surroundings I feel like I am in Hello magazine!

Here I am with Monica, loved her striped dress, with its quirky hemline - fab!

After we did some photos the French girls sat Jerome (their manager) in the chair and started blowing kisses at him, was so funny!

So we laid Frank Manu (our mascot) on the chair and did the same (if you click the photo you should be able to enlarge it).
All of a sudden they announce we could go into dinner!! OMG look at the room that greeted us!! Stunning, took my breath away
We had our own little chamber orchestra in the corner!

Starter - I was Veggie again as the Starter was fish.

Shelli talking to Jo.

Now I have to tell you this gorgeous lady Shelli does not forget a THING!! Last year in Monaco she heard that I could sing and asked me to, I didnt want to so I just said "I'll do it next year in Prague", just to put her off really!! Well guess what, as soon as she saw me in Prague she asked me to sing!! I tried to put it off again but on the last night she collared me and asked me to sing before the blessing so I agreed!! Gosh I was nervous but I knew the girls would be behind me. I sang a verse and a chorus from the song For Good from Wicked (if you You Tube it you can find it). I think I made a few people cry, hope it was for the right reasons - the lyrics are so meaniful and emotional
After all the emotions of a fantastic evening we headed back to the hotel and I asked all the UK girls to come back to my room, I was so busy making sure the room was tidy that I almost missed this on the bed!!!!! I let out a gasp!!! OMG a Sizzix Doctors Bag for the Big Shot

With its very own Prague logo!

I love Stampin Up, and am enjoying the best times of my life with this company, my team and my wonderful customers!!

Thank you to those who make it possible!

Jules x


  1. Dawn to Dusk, this trip has ooozed elegance & style, you have workrd hard for it.....'ooooo' and the bag, well it's definately better than the one you had!! ;-) xx

  2. Jules I'm so pleased for you that it was so magical. I've also had it on good authority that you singing was beautiful. Well done you. See you soon. Hugs Zx

  3. Hi Julie how are you ?
    Can I put the picture with Jerome on my blog please ???? Thank you !!!
    Have a good day

  4. No youtube video if you singing, though? :)

    Glad you had such an amazing time.

  5. That Bigshot bag beats your Asda one for sure!

    Looks like an amazing trip, so glad you enjoy it, xx

  6. WOW! Just got back from 3 days in Norfolk and read all your Prague postings. You look fab-u-lous - the wardrobe worked!!! I bagsey the Asda bag now that you have that hot shot BIG Shot bag! Can't wait to see all the goodies you got on your trip.
    Chris xx