Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Fun on a Tuesday!

Well WHAT A HOOT I had last night!!! We had such a laugh at our Tuesday Club last night!! Honestly I say this all the time but these ladies are a pleasure to spend a Tuesday night with!! Since moving to the church we have grown and I am lucky that 11 lovely ladies were there last night including the lovely Gill, a new member!! Welcome Gill!

Last night we were making owl cards, on the ladies request as they cant get enough of Mr Owl at the moment! So I teamed it with the Curly Cute sentiment set and we used 4 out of the 5 sentiments

Here is the rogues gallery!!!

Firstly a congratulations card for someone graduating or passing exams

I love the little scroll detail!!

This was my favourite one, I saw something similar on a US blog a few weeks back but I have changed various things on it to make this Santa Owl!!

Next up is one you have seen before, I sent it as a birthday card to my nursing friend Michelle but for this card I changed it to a Thinking of You card for someone who is ill.

And finally a general Happy Birthday card which I have blogged before. I have had a lot of comments on this card from the ladies at class so I decided they could make one too!!

I hope you have enjoyed our projects. I was very touched last night when my ladies gave me this gorgeous bouquet of flowers for my upcoming birthday!!!!! Thank you Jane for organising it, I really appreciate it and they look lovely in my lounge!

Right I must crack on, have to go to Asda

Jules x


  1. owls about that for a flock of nice cards xx

  2. hi jules - love your owl selection they are superb - might have to case one or two of them they are soo good! x evelyn x

  3. thank Jules - it was a great class. loved the cards! x

  4. And what a hoot is was! You know it's been a good session when several of us have been crying from laughter!

  5. These are lovely. I love the way you are able to take one puncg and do so many different things with it. Wish I could do that!

  6. Great owl cards Jules, is it your birthday soon then?? ;-) you had better keep an eye open for the postie then, but no sneeky peeks you!...
    Lovely flowers too, simply gorgeous :-)
    Hugs xxx