Saturday, 18 July 2009

Cupcake crazy!!

Today was my Cupcake class and we had a fab time. I want to thank all my 12 lovely ladies for coming and being such stars at making the projects in super quick time!!!!!
Here are some of the ladies in action!

Of course there had to be homemade cupcakes and I have made them to match in with the theme of the class!!!

And here is a selection of the completed boxes!

Special thanks go to Sarah B who helped with the construction of the box with some of the ladies on her table and also to my "mate down South" Jo who very kindly let me borrow her paper crimper! Thanks guys.
I am shattered now, off to watch a film with my boys in our PJ's!!!
Back tomorrow with Stamp with Us card


  1. Well done you they all look very engrosed! and the boxes turned out fantastic :0) Cakes look yummy too, Enjoy the film
    Hugs S.J. xx

  2. Oh Julie what gorgeous cards and those cupcakes look totally delicious! hugs Linda x

  3. Jules I've been waiting all day to hear how it went. I knew you'd do a fantastic job and the results are evident...Yaaay!!! Have a lovely relaxing evening with your boys - you must be shattered.

    Love & hugs,

    your 'mate down south'


  4. Julie, thank you for a Fab day, really enjoyed it, sooo pleased with the results. Also thanks to Julie her help much appreciated. Not sure about the pickie though! LOL. Take care, thanks again. Gxx

  5. Julie, sorry I mean Sarah B, but you too of course lol. Thanks soooo much Sarah. Gx

  6. Glad it went well Jules. Those cup cakes look scrummy. Will catch up during the hols. Dara's already telling me 'you promised we could see 'those 2 boys' during the holidays' lol!! That's girls for you, they never forget a thing!!

    Sharon x

  7. The cakes were gorgeous, had to have two!!LOL!! The cards adn box were fun to make adn we met some lovely people, Thanks fro a great day Jules, Hugs Sarah B X

  8. Now I would love a class like there just need the peeps lol

    Looks like you all had FUN!

    Love Dawn xx