Monday, 13 July 2009

Cupcake class this Saturday

Thanks for all your lovely messages about Ross yesterday, he seems fine today and quite proud of his bump!!!!
Saturday is my cupcake class and I finished the cards and all the cutting out today (phew!!)
We will be making the cupcake box below and 4 cards and stamped envelopes!

Close up, no arty farty angle today!

I still have just 1 place left so if you are in the Leeds area and want to come along just message me at



  1. Looks excellent Jules! well done to you, I hope it's a great sucess :0) meant to say did you get my punch? Have a good evening,
    Laters S.J. xx

  2. Hi Honey, glad to here Ross is feeling better. Love the cards adn box can't wait til Saturday, Hugs Sarah B X

  3. Oh Jules they're fantastic! Have fun with the class, they'll love it! The only problem will be that your customers won't want to use them once they've made them. Non of mine have, they like to just look...he hee.

    Hope this week is better for you.


  4. Have been really tempted to buy this class, the box looks good enough to eat! Hope your class goes well on Saturday, does the prep take very long?
    Sam x

  5. Very pretty cards - have lots of fun. x

  6. Hi Jules,
    I'm glad to hear your son is on the mend, if i lived anywhere near you i'd be signing up for that last spot as these cards are so yummy and i love the colours!!
    Take Care - Julie xxxx

  7. Oh stunning .. love this collection you have done .. cupcakes, could just eat one or two now, lol

    Sorry not been posting much .. but not had time to sit for weeks, lol.
    Hope you are well and as i can see crafting fantastic too x

  8. Hi Jules, apparently I am your Stampin' Up! granddaughter! I absolutly love your cupcakes and am most upset that I don't live near enough to come to the class!

  9. they look so yummy! I hope you have fun at your class.