Saturday, 29 December 2007

Oh my gosh, we LOVE it!!!

Went to pick up my parcel which I could have had 2 whole days ago if our postlady was louder at knocking but hey whose bitter about it, its here now!!!

And what a treat it is, my Paper Dolls Dress Up cartridge, oh gosh, me and my boys are hooked, they were crafting for almost 3 hours with me this afternoon.

We are novices at making up the dolls but hey you have to start somewhere, here our some of our creations so far!!

One of our first attempts by me and my 5 year old!

We got a bit more adventurous and made this knight in shining armour (or as Evan says "knight in sining armour" as he cannot say SH) with his friendly dragon.
Then myself and my big boy (8) made this Spidey!!!! I think I have gained a few points from Ross by making this, he thinks I am a great crafter now!!!!

We then progressed onto making a Ninja Turtle (Raphael I believe) and dare I say it , at my suggestion we made Troy from High School Musical wearing his basketball kit!!! It was too dark to photograph these so you will have to wait until tomorrow!!

Oops I almost forgot, my little one then wanted to make one for "his love". Its a little girl at his school who he has known since being babies and they are going to get married - apparently. He made her a lovely princess complete with shiny dress and tiara and a castle to match. I'll pop these on tomorrow and go to bed conjouring up new ideas for more characters to make!!



  1. They look fabulous Julie, thats one cartridge I have been after.....

  2. How cute are those?? I love the dragon and knight in armor, too cute.

  3. Looks like you and the boys had fun today with your new toy!!! They are all great, not to sure how it works but it is very effective. Happy new Year to you all Sue :o)

  4. oh my word I soooo need that cart now thanks for sharing

  5. These are fab, I might have to get this cartridge myself. x