Friday, 28 December 2007

Double trouble

Thanks for all your get well wishes, I finally feel like I am human again!!!
Yesterday we were all in and we didnt hear the postman, next news there is the card though the door, come and collect in 48 hours, cant believe between 4 of us we never heard the door!!! So I think it is my Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge all the way from the States, cant wait to pick it up tomorrow!!! I know my boys will love using it too!!
Then today my Cuttlebug arrives from The Glitter Pot. I opened it, so excited I was, was like Christmas morning again and then disaster, no handle!!! You are supposed to attach the handle yourself but there was no handle or any of the tools to attach, nor was there the embossing stencils you get included. The nice man at The GLitter Pot is sending a handle etc out to me first class today but I WANTED TO PLAY TONIGHT!!! Probably done me a favour, I can do more ironing now!!
Hope you all got some fab Crafty goodies and are having a good play with them!!


  1. No handle, how annoying is that. I did a load of ironing last night but still no time to try my new goodies, hopefully soon. See you later. x

  2. no handle grrr that is truely frustrating

  3. Lol Julie I were at glitterpot today spending me vouchers and brian was telling me that story, he said he felt so bad for you.... Cor I said I bet the lady were peed if she were anything like me, I would have waned to play with it as soon as it arrived... oh how funny, sorry Julie!!! ... might have known it would have been a blogger!!! well he sent one off today to ya, it took it from another box... so lets hope it gets to ya tommorrow....

  4. How annoying, oh well you will LOVE it when it you can get to use it. I LOVE mine and now you have one all to yourself, no more borrowing off Natty! Hope you have a great New Year whatever you get up to, speak soon x

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  6. How dare chores get in the way of crafting?? ;)
    Have a great crafting day!

  7. Arrr bless thats notgood is it ,i have told my postman to come round the side of the house and bang on the window if i dont answer the door frightens the hell out of me when he dose it ,but then i dont miss any thing LOL LOLxxx
    hlad you feel a better ,take care Dawnx