Sunday, 21 September 2014

Paper Haven Retreat project

Hello there! I am currently blogging LIVE from my Paper Haven Retreat weekend (the ladies don't mind, they are all far too busy with today's make!!). We started on Friday at 3.30pm and it's been fun, fun, fun from the get go! I'll blog about it in much more detail when I have recovered but for now I thought I would share one of yesterdays projects with you. When I showed it to the ladies on Saturday morning most of their chins hit their chests as they thought they would never achieve this but they all did and they all look wonderful. I have 2 people to thank for this project. Firstly Erica Cerwin, a lovely demonstrator from the USA who designed the project, you can purchase her class planner HERE. Thank you Erica for your constant inspiration. I also need to thank my lovely friend and downline Sam who made one a few months ago for her Mum for Mother's Day and did such a lovely job that I knew I had to make one at some point!

I will go through the project in more detail on another blog post and will share all the makes from the ladies as they created some wonderful masterpieces. 
 Here is how my project looked in stages as I made it.
Thank you Erica and Sam and thank you to my lovely ladies who made it, for your enthusiasm and wonderful creations!
I'll be back tomorrow with a proper blog post!
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  1. OMG how lovely is that?!?
    Thanks for sharing! It looks so beautiful.

    Greets from Germany