Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A Frosty Tuesday

Oh dear, it's the afternoon and I am only just blogging! I couldn't manage my usual time slot for blogging this morning as it was touch and go whether we would have to walk to school or drive - our street was quite icy! In the end we drove (well I drove!) and it was fine. Last night we had a little flurry of snow around tea time but then it got very cold and icy and although there was no snow on the ground we were anxious at our Tuesday Club about getting home on the icy roads! So we had a speed crafting session. This week I had suggested to the ladies we do a Valentines card but a lot of the ladies don't celebrate it (a bit like myself) so I had to give an alternative option. I had spied a gorgeous make HERE on the wonderful Dutch demonstrator Caroline's blog! The cards she makes blow me away - such a talented lady whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the Convention in Manchester.

I decided to make a generic female birthday card like Caroline's with a box-a-lope style envelope and then we did a Valentine alternative with the exact same base card! Out of my 11 ladies last night, 3 did Valentines!!! Hmmmmm, are we all un-romantics???
So here is the card most people plumped for. I LOVE the pop of Bermuda Bay and of course the Hardwood background is my all time fave at the moment and I worked out it's in my top 4 sellers since the launch of the Spring/Summer Seasonal along with the Petite Petals bundle, Scallop Tag Topper punch and the Mini Memories Scrapbook album kit! Little bit of SU trivia for you there!
We made a co-ordinating deep envelope for the card.
And here is my Valentine alternative. It starts off with the same base layers but we die cut a heart instead and position all the hearts from the Language of Love stamp set.
I did intend for the ladies to make the little choccy treat holders too but we had to abandon the class early to make sure they got home! Safety first and all that jazz!!!

Thank you Caroline for your amazing inspiration and to my ladies for coming to class on such a horrible evening.
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  1. Julie, thank you for casing my card. I feel honored! I absolutely love the box-a-lope you made to go with it! Cannot wait to see you next May and have a little chat in person. x