Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Craft Room Move!

Good morning! I dont have a project to share with you today but I think you may be interested in my photos!! Some of my loyal blog readers will remember
when we had the conservatory added on to our home in Dec 2009, which I refer to as my conservatoire!!! Well it is becoming very very messy with all the events I plan and I would often have to sort out a mess like the one below!

So in view of the fact we are trying to sell our house I made the decision that I have to clear out of the conservatoire and make it look more generic either as another sitting room or a play room etc. Well guess where I ended up - back where I started in the little bedroom!!!!

Granted it is cosy and I will struggle to have any one come craft with me for the time being but I think it is worth it and will hopefully help to sell my house!

Here is my desk and everything is to hand which is the benefit of being in a small room! And here are my stamps!! What more does a girls want!!

Want to see my new conservatoire!! Well here it is!! I am sure you will agree its much improved and should really help to sell the house!!

Thanks for looking

Jules x


  1. Great photo's Jules, thanks for sharing. Wishing you all the best in selling your house xx

  2. Thanks for sharing Jules. I can't believe it was 2009 when you added the conservatoire- that's when I first 'found' you. It makes a great selling feature now. Hope the sale is quick and you have no problems. Anne x