Tuesday, 9 November 2010

More Convention

Hello there
THis is a very late post and very photo heavy so prepare now for lots of pictures!!!!
This year we had a Memento Mall at convention which is basically a shop where you can buy all things Stampin Up!! In the morning I missed the start of Mememto Mall as I was having a microphone check and setting up my things for the presentation. When I got there all the totes had gone!! :( However my lovely downline Jill got one for me that she didnt want!! So I got one after all and I was a happy bunny!!!
Its gorgeous, it matched the Greenhouse Gala papers and holds 12x12, I am so pleased with it!

I also bought a Stampin Up shopper bag, a pop up bin, a stamp set and a ruler! As part of convention there is always a Convention Bag. This contains 2 stamp sets, your pins, a pen and the brochure for the event. This was the bag for 2010! I love it!! I am glad I dont have any daughters as it appears that lots of demos who have girls are struggling to hang onto their bags!

I made a bag tag before I left so I knew which was my bag!

This year I shared a room with the lovely SJ! I havent seen her since February so it was great to catch up! We are such good pals, which is a good job as we had to share a bed!!!! SJ is very creative and I was touched to receive this lovely roomie gift from her

A gorgeous ribbon wreath, which now has pride of place in my conservatoire!

Thanks SJ, I love it

I was lucky enough to receive a number of awards on Friday night, due to my wonderful team and my lovely lovely customers. I really appreciate each and every one of you.

These were the free stamp sets I got

I was honoured to come 2nd in the UK in recruiting and I won this gorgeous Cole Haan leather bucket bag. The smell is divine!!! The thing I love about SU is they always package things so well too!!!

And look inside

Thank you for reading and thank you again from the bottom of my heart to my team Julie's Jems and my lovely customers.
If you would like to experience this wonderful event then why not sign up to be a demonstrator and join my Team, Julie's Jems. Next year you could be with us at Disneyland Paris!!
Jules x


  1. Mega well done on all your awards - they are all thouroughly well deserved - you rock! Luuuuuurve the bag you got,it looks fab - enjoy all you goodies as it couldnt happen to a nicer person!

  2. The wreath from SJ looks fab in your conservatoire! You just need to find somewhere to hang all those certificates now! Love the bag, very classy.
    Enjoy x

  3. Congrats Julie on your fantastic achievements, they are truly well deserved ;)

    Vicki x

  4. If these photos don't make every "Cinderella" demonstrator who didn't go to Convention this year be determined to go next year then I don't know what will!!!!!
    Well done on all your awards - to the bestest SU mummy
    Chris xx

  5. Hello roomie!! Great piccies, it was great to spend some time together with you, even in the same bed! lol! wreath looks good on the window too, I am so pleased you liked it,
    I hope we can get together again very soon xxx

  6. Wow, even more impressive when you see all your awards together in one place - congratulations!

  7. Well done Mummy
    no-one deserves recognition more than you!
    Had a great time - thanks