Saturday, 6 March 2010

Busy week!

Another busy week for me this week but thats the way I like it!!!!!!
Tuesday night I had some team training for my Jems and we made these ribbon samplers to display at workshops and classes. I got this idea from my lovely downline Jeannette and its been so useful for me to have with me at workshops.
Thursday was World Book Day for my boys and they had to dress up as a character from a book! After much thought Ross decided to go as one of the 3 little pigs!!!!! He is nearly 11 so I was quite surprised when he said he would do it! It obviously meant he had to wear a lot of pink but he is very game for a laugh and took it all in his stride!

Pretty in Pink cardstock came in very very handy! I made him the pigs nose and used the silver elastic thread to secure it. The ears were made with a plain black headband and some more Pretty in Pink card.
Evan decided to go as Dennis the Menace as he had this jumper that was perfect and of course he has the hair!!!! Here he is trying to look menacing!

Here is Ross. his pink top is mine and the leggings are pink M&S girls thermals! (at least he was warm!!!)

More Pretty in PInk card for the tail!

He won an award yesterday from the Dinner Ladies for being brave and wearing pink all day and for having a fab costume!!!!
Yesterday I looked after my little Lucas from 7.40 until 4.30!! Its going to be a regular Friday thing!!! I dont think he likes me too much at the moment, he didnt smile much all day!!!
I kept him busy by taking him to the soft play in the morning, he did have a good time!! He has never been before so I think we may do that every week!
After school I took Lucas and Evan to the park, Ross was at Rugby club and I put him in the swing!
Again I dont think he was very impressed with me!

I was so tired last night I had to go to bed early!!
Off to make a few cards now this afternoon!
Jules xx


  1. Oh your boys look a good was, bless them

    Aww the little babs dont look too parcel didn't help eh :)
    THanks agian fro saving my life! [AGAIN]

    FAB samplers, good idea

    mandi xx

  2. love the pig costume!! what a little star he is! he obviously has a great sense of humour

  3. Oh what a little cutie and the photo in the park did make me

    Vicki x

  4. Love the pic of your two boys. Even's face is soooo funny.
    Sharon x

  5. Oh Jules how funny is seeing little Lucas so serious? and how big is he getting? The boys looked ace in their costumes. xx

  6. I love the boys outfits! They are brilliant.
    Love the look on the litlle babes face on the swing!!!