Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A Card and Snow!!!

Hello there
DO you have snow???? We have loads, school is closed, hubby had to turn round and come home, roads closed, must have about 8 inches or so now!!!!!!
So I am going to stay inside and work in my PJ's all day!!
OK here is another card from the challenge night I did. This was a really hard one for me! The first thing we had to do was MASKING! I am not really into masking but gave it a go!!!!
The second part, wait for it, was to use something from your home, recycle something you have in your house. I had to rack my brains! Anyway whilst scrummaging around the drawer in kitchen that is full of rubbish (we all have one dont we??) I found some old silver curtain rings as when we got new ones they have those large eyelets in so dont need rings!
I therefore used the ring to frame the sentiment on my card!! I have stuck this down with Tombow glue and I have to say it is stuck solid!!! The card wont stand up mind as its far too heavy and just topples over!

The stamp set is Good Neighbours and dont forget you can earn this one free if you spend £45 on SU products with me. I am also offering free P&P on all orders of £45 or over during January (please note this is not applicable for my Stampers clubs).

Arty farty angle shows you just how big the curtain ring is. I am really impressed that the glue has held it down!!!

OK, yesterday the boys school was still open, even though we had a lot of snow. Here is Evan on his way to school, not looking very happy. He has got his school shoes in a carrier (oh I remember those days). We had another 2 or 3 inches on top of this yesterday and we have had the same again overnight tonight!

Our street yesterday morning, loads more snow since this was taken.

Take care and keep warm
Jules x


  1. Great card Jules,what a good idea with the curtain ring...we are lucky so far we haven't had the snow..but its forecast,so anything is possible.Keep safe and warm,hugs
    Andrea xx

  2. Nice recycling Mrs K! you need one of those clip things to use it as a sample for a workshop,
    Keep Warm, S.J. xxx

  3. Love the...everything about it! so professional! xx