Monday, 31 August 2009

Sympathy needed

After a lovely time with Lucas it all ended in tears! As I was getting ready to take him home I put his pram in my car boot and stupidly used my thumb in an awkward position to close the car boot!
It has all swollen up and I have been to Minor Injuries to have it strapped up!
the downside is no crafting, driving, wedding stationerying or anything good!!
the upside is no washing up, tea making, ironing, washing, kid bathing, vaccuuming, etc etc
got to see the positives in life hey!
please excuse the typing, am doing it left handed!
check back tomorrow for exciting SU news


  1. Ouch you poor sausage. I hope you're in not too much pain and that it gets better soon, I know it will kill you not to do much but take the docs advice and be good. Hugs M xxxx.

  2. Oh Sweetie, Hope it is better soon, Hugs Sarah B X

  3. ouch,
    I can understand the pain you have,
    at least with my shoulder pain I can craft a little, oh my, I wouldnt know what to do without crafting,
    Hope it heals real fast,

  4. Awwwwww Julie so sorry to hear about your accident. Hope your thumb gets better real soon.

    Lynda xxx

  5. oh Jules....what are you like! Can I do anything to help at all? let me know if there is..take care and thumbs up!!! hugs Elaine x

  6. Ooooh no you poor thing. No crafting thats really bad, love looking at your creations.
    Hope its better soon
    Jill x x

  7. OUCH!! what a nasty thing to do .. why does your thumb always get in the way?
    Rest , make every one around you do the work x

  8. Awwww, poor Julie!!! good job you can still go on the computer at 11 tonight!!!! Hee hee xxxx
    S.J. xxx

  9. Aww poor you Jules. I'm all for looking at the positives lol. And don't forget that when it starts to feel better you should take it easy and ease yourself back in with a little light crafting and definatly NOT housework!!!!! it's too straining on an injury. Hope your ok Maria x

  10. Oh no, poor you, I hope it's better soon and you are back crafting, in the meantime enjoy a rest from all the housework. x

  11. Ouch Jules, you poor thing, hope it heals the meantime put your feet up! hugs Kate x

  12. Oh Jules, so glad you can still see the positives. Hope you feel better very soon. Hugs, Denise x

  13. What are you like!!!!
    I hope it gets better soon as we have loads of cutting etc to do ready for Scarborough.

  14. Awww,poor you!
    Hope it mends soon,take care & Shout if you need any help!!! :o)x

  15. Oh goodness you poor thing
    I hope it doesn't give you any extra stress with your business

    Wishing you, well your thumb better

    mandi xx

  16. Ooooooh that looks poorly. Hope it stops hurting soon. I don't know - anything to get out of the chores. LOL!!!

    Shame about the crafting though. You'll need to do double when you can to make up for it - either that or a little spend on stash to take the pain away

    Love Terri XX

  17. Hope you're back crafting soon.

  18. Ewwww your poor thing you!! Make the most of no Houesworky things!!....