Monday, 17 August 2009

Challenge card

Well I am suffering from a few technical issues here!!! The wireless button on my laptop has stopped working so I cannot log on the internet on my usual laptop! Instead I am using my hubbys little notebook thing but none of my photos are on it and I cannot edit them or anything! Apparently I can buy a Wireless USB adaptor so lets hope that works!!

Here is a card I made before my hols on the Stamp with Us challenge night! It was a sketch challenge set by the lovely Zoe and I am not very happy with it but I have nothing else to show! And I made it in 20 minutes!

We have decided to go to my parents caravan tomorrow for a few days as they offered us a few days and its free!!!!!!!! I might try and schedule a post before I go!


  1. Fabulous card,
    hope you have a wonderful time in the caravan,

  2. I cannot see why you don't klike this card. i really love the colours on this, so perfect for the stamps you have used.

  3. love the card Jules and love the colours, really lovely
    Hope you get ya wireless sorted out!
    take care

  4. Have a great time at the caravan Jules! Did you get my message asking if you had any places left on your class in september?
    Hugs, Vicky ~x~

  5. I think your card is great Jules. Hope you have a great time in your parents caravan. Hopefully the weather will be nice to you. Maria x

  6. Wow - 20 mins that's going some. I love the little umbrellas and slices popped up. They must have been fiddly to cut. Sara xx

  7. 20mins???? WOW!!!!!!! That's brilliant!

    Hope you are enjoying your break :)

  8. Gorgeous card Jules!

    Have a great time at the Caravan - leave the laptop behind & worry about it when you get back lol

    Hugs, Steph xxx