Saturday, 24 January 2009

My little bit of heaven!!!

I have been asked by a few people to show pictures of my little craft room. Before I show them I need to explain a few things!!! LOL!!!

  • This room is only 9ft by 6ft
  • It used to be Evan's Nursery so hence the lilac and turquoise!!!
  • I do all my wedding orders from in here so I have a LOT of stuff for a very small space

Ok then, here goes!!! This is my Stampin Up area!!! My drawers and caddy are sat on a cupboard which is built in and we used to use this area as a "changing" area for Evan!!! Most of my stamp sets are in the plastic drawers from Asda. The others than won't fit in are on the shelf above. In my really useful boxes are my wheels and various ribbons. As you can see I have the Ink Caddy and the Embellishment caddy!

Another view!

OK, here is the mess!!!!!! This is my desk (obviously!!!) It is from Ikea, the shelf bit clamps onto the actual desk. In the middle section I have my Stampin Up card and bits and bobs in the spotty boxes. To the left (above my laptop) are some very useful card storage holders on which my card for my weddings rests. To the left of that is a large Ikea bookcase with loads of bits and bobs on it!!! As you can see the window sill doesnt escape!!! It has all Ikea little tubs with various things in!!!

This is the other side of the room, I have a smaller bookcase with my printer on and various 12x12 in Really Useful boxes and then some wonky shelves that my husband put up!!! With my Stampin Up ribbons strung onto pieces of card and hung on nails!!!! LOL

So thats it, its small and sweet and very cluttered, but its all mine!!!!


  1. O-M-G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Someone has taken over Julie & cleaned this room!!!!!
    Bring her back soon,lol!!!! ;O)x

  2. That's too neat & tidy to be a craft room LOL..... IKEA is opening a store near us next month, so hoping to get organised, especially as have recently acquired much more stuff due to joining SU! Can't get it out at the moment as room is so cluttered!
    Sam x

  3. I don't think it's small or cluttered!! I think it's wonderful Jules! Maybe we should meet round yours in March & not mine, more goodies to play with lol xxx

  4. Oh this isnt fair !! No really it's fab and i'm very jealous :) i'm confined to the kitchen table still...but one day...

    Great to meet you too today.. Loved your hat !!We all need a little retail therapy so you did good ;) Good luck with Sweeney Todd, you'll have to let me know the dates would love to come and watch :) Love Katy x

  5. OMG I want one of those ink caddies!! and all the ink I'm never going to be rich!! Maria x. Great craftroom by the way

  6. What a wonderful room well organized! So many gorgeous things to play with.
    Thanks for adding your blog details...I can visit from your comment now...makes life easier.
    Have a happy Sunday.
    Carole :D
    My next request...could you select the Open ID section in your blogger settings? This will allow me to leave a comment with WordPress....thanks Julie.

  7. I wish I was this organised, I would describe my work space as more creatively organised, but I can find everything. See you soon :) Sarah B X

  8. Julie,

    I would like to let you know that I've awarded you The Marie Antoinette Award as your blog inspires me. Please click on my name to collect the award.

  9. Thanks for sharing your room with us Jules - it's fab! And if you think that's cluttered you should see mine! I think it's really organised and looks a great space to work in! Kate x

  10. What a fab room Julie!! Thanks for letting us have a little peek, it looks very organised, not cluttered! xx

  11. Julie - it is so refreshing to see a 'real' craft room. So many other pics of rooms look too tidy!!

    Your room looks great, a real cosy and welcoming area. I would be proud to have it as my room. At the moment I have a crafty corner, but aspiring for more.

  12. It looks so tidy Jules.

    When will you draw the blog candy sweetie?

    Cazzy x

  13. What a lovely space - you are so lucky. And you keep it so neat :-)

    Off to dream :-)

  14. Wow what a lovely and very organised craft room you have! My is nowhere near as organised, lol.

  15. I don't think you can know the meaning of the word 'cluttered'! This looks wonderful!!