Sunday, 24 February 2008

The Full Monty

Quite a sad time as the Full Monty is now over!!! It has been FAB and has far exceeded my expectations. Wasnt quite prepared for the reaction and appreciation the whole show would get and also that I would get as an individual performer, what a buzz!!! Its certainly back down to earth with a bump.
I have added a couple of quick piccies. I feel I need to explain that I was playing the role of a 70 year old woman (I am 34 really). The part I was playing is not in the film, it has been written in for the stage show. If I had to explain who I was like I would say Estelle, Joey Trebianni's agent in Friends!!!
Anyway this is how I normally look!!!!

And here I am as the fabulous Jeanette complete with "ageing" make up courtesy of the lovely Faye. It looks a bit weird on the normal camera but I am told under the lights it look effective!!

Will post more piccies soon!!


  1. Great photo's. I loved Jeanette, she was brilliant, so funny and a fab voice. Well done. I really enjoyed the show it was fab. x

  2. Great photo's and you look fab Julie! Well done on the show, I hear it was brilliant :0) x

  3. You look great!
    So glad to hear it all went wel!

  4. nice to put a face to the name, well done on what sounds like a fab show,
    Gina x

  5. Great show Julie I had a real fun time on Saturday night!! Tried texting you but it wont go through!! Sue :o)

  6. Great photos, you look GREAT!

  7. Glad to hear the show went well.