Wednesday, 21 November 2007

What a week........

.......last week was, never ever again!!!!!!! This is what I had on the go last week.
a) Appearing in a musical every night was there from 6.30.until 10.30 every night
b) Craft fair on Monday night (that someone ran for me but I had to set up!)
c) Worked 3 mornings teaching my music classes
d) Finished off a wedding order and sent out
e) My sons fifth birthday on the Tuesday
f) Cards to make for a card stall I did yesterday!!!!
Oh my god I was Wonderwoman last week, I am feeling the strain though this week and its nice to stay in on these cold dark nights!!!!
The show was a brilliant success and we were all sad it was over (think I was the only one who was a little bit happy so I can get back to my crafting!!)
Made some cards for orders for a shop I sell to today but pictures really dark so will take more tomorrow.
Spent last night watching I'm a Celeb whilst blog surfing on my laptop, I love having a nosey!!!
Ciao for now!!

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  1. Hiyah bud, we will have to sort a day next week, I am hoping Harry will be ok by then. x