Thursday, 8 November 2007

No crafting

Well been quite busy with my wedding stationery so not much crafting, had a crafty session at Natalie's yesterday but haven't taken photos yet and its too dark now!!
WOn't be around that much as my show (Bat Boy) starts in 5 days time and its solid rehearsals until then from tonight!!! Tonight is the first time we get to perform on the stage with the set and the lights etc...
I have a new friend his name is Cuttlebug, I am looking after him whilst Natty is on her hols, he would have been lonely just sitting on her shelf so he is coming to play at my house for a week!
Thanks Nat!


  1. How kind of you to offer to look after the cuttlebug...very selfless! LOL!
    Got the christmas images stamped and ready for you BTW!

  2. well he would have been so lonely and scared on his own!!! good luck with the play x

  3. Hope you take extra special care of him. Good luck next week with Bat Boy, buddy. x

  4. I think this could be a new idea that could take off in a big way cuttlebugsitting. You make sure you look after him and give him plenty of work!
    Break a leg (I think that's the right saying!!!) Sue :o)

  5. good luck with the show, will have to arrange a crafting evening once it's over with.

  6. Good luck with bat boy ,hope all goes well.Dawnx