Monday, 17 March 2014

Baby Boy card

Phew it's Monday again! I think I am the only person in this house who likes Mondays!!! I get the house back to myself for the day! Seriously doing Stampin' Up as a career is the first time ever that I haven't dreaded Mondays and had the "Sunday night feeling", even at school I used to get the "Sunday night feeling", did you?
 Today I am sharing another of the cards I made for my friend Kath who kindly brought a list of ones she wanted to buy from me for Ross's fund! Her friend had her little baby boy 4 weeks early, one minute she told Kath she was going to hospital as she had back pain and the next minute Kath got a text with a photo of a baby on it!!!! This is a simple card which I have made before. When you are making cards to sell you have to have a standard design that you can go to straight away and this is my standard easy baby card.
Here is Kath's little pile of cards, minus the baby one as she had already called round for that one!
 My husband Robin has taken a basket of cards into work today! Let's see how he gets on! It's Mother's Day in less than 2 weeks and he works in a large office which is 2 miles away from any shops etc…. so the odds are in his favour I suppose!! I'll report back!
On Friday night Ross spent ages punching shapes out so I could turn them into Angry Bird cards to sell. Although he is not to be let loose with a Tombow glue he is able to punch shapes so I left him with instructions and here are half of the shapes he punched!
 Half an hour later I had made 10 of these little fellas
 Which turned into this! I hope these will be popular in the sales basket!
Back tomorrow!
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  1. Love the Angry Birds cards, Julie! Which heart did you use for the beak? Is it one of the framelits from somewhere?
    I bet the Mothers Day cards for the office will go down a storm.

  2. Stunning baby card Julie, I love the design. Love the fab Angry Birds card too. Good luck with selling your cards xx

  3. Do you sell the cards via PayPal? I am in USA, but would love to help support.

    Love the angry birds card! Susan R